Ivey Capital Group is a strategic advisory firm based out of Toronto, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, business sales and advisory services for privately held middle market companies.

Exit Strategies and Succession Planning
At some point every business owner will want to "exit" their business many times, however, the owner won't be able to leave voluntarily but will be forced to do so either because of incapacity or death. Without a proper business exit planning strategy, the involuntary loss of a key person can devastate a business by forcing liquidation during a chaotic time. Thus, proper exit planning should be an important part of business owner's plan. Our disciplined strategic review process helps clients make batter and more informed decisions that make sense of complex alternatives. Our process starts with a full financial analysis, followed by a detailed review of the firm strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats.
Selling a business can be a stressful task for the business owners and might require then I to take tough decisions. We are well placed to understand the challenges business owners face during the divestiture process and we are committed to ensure that the completed transaction generates the best value for our clients. We work with you at each step managing the process so that you can focus on what’s important and continue to manage your business. We believe that all successful divestitures require a clear understanding of the objectives of the seller. What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? Knowing the answers to these questions allows us to ensure that the process meets your objectives at all times.
It is difficult to decide whether to buy or merge a business. Making the right decision can be very fruitful leading to long term benefit. At the same time, a wrong decision has the potential to destroy a business in a very short period of time. At lvey Capital Group, we have the discipline and experience to help ensure that you make the best decision for the right reason. We are committed to always advise our clients to do what is in their best interest.
Raising Capital and Debt Re-structuring
From time to time, companies may need capital to finance organic or inorganic growth, re-structure the company, or to buy out existing shareholders. Sometimes these events may threaten the survival of the company and it is vital to have access to independent and objective advice during these times so they may explore all options. They need to be able to react quickly, as time is crucial. Ivey Capital Group can help companies with restructuring their business. We move quickly and have the knowledge and resources to manage the process so the company’s leadership can focus on their core business.

Securing the right financing on the right terms is crucial for any organization. The key to success lies in developing capital structures that match the needs and dynamics of the market. The reality is that different structures are required as market conditions change. We offer resources to help arrange term and operating loans, as well as raising subordinated debt, equity or project financing, especially in situations where companies are facing challenges in raising finances.
Value of a business is impacted by various factors such as industry cycles, the financial attributes specific to that company, the number of buyers in the market and wider economic conditions. Ivey Capital Group offers clients valuation services and our expertise lies in understanding and evaluating how all these macro-economic and company specific factors come together in determining the value of a business.
Negotiation and Deal Structure
We believe that negotiating and structuring a deal are key components to any successful transaction. Our experts work with our clients to ensure that we have a complete and correct understanding of what they are hoping to achieve and then set about putting a deal together that meets their requirements and ensures that they are comfortable and secure after the deal has closed, whether it be a sale, acquisition, raising capital, or restructuring debt. We work with all stakeholders to ensure the process is fair and uncomplicated.